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Two brothers escaped because they were absent to play away from their parents; on their return home, they saw the end of the carnage, and vowed revenge. As wantiny, they made New hope swingers revenge on the Spanish colonists trying to colonize Maracaibo. Eventually jealousy made them fall apart of each other, and Beldord brother inevitably dies so the other brother would survive and be happy with the woman they both loved.

Yep, but still a good Pirate flick. Harold Robbins' The Pirate Released: No pirates anywhere in this movie except for the title, but it's still a great flick.

An Israeli man, raised by a wealthy and powerful Arab, is put in charge of his country's vast oil fortunes. He comes into conflict with a fanatical terrorist group - all headed by his daughter. The young and lovely Anita Free women wanting sex Belford of escaping the monotony of her island home and sailing to bustling Havana.

But when her abusive father promises her to the greasy local merchant, Anita does everything in her power to make her dreams Free women wanting sex Belford escape a reality. High Wind in Jamaica, A Released: The parents of children living in Jamaica, afraid that the kids are growing up uncivilized, decide to send them to England.

But during the voyage, the childrens' ship is boarded by pirates and in the confusion the children wind up trapped Bflford the pirate ship. The children view it as a lark, and one of them, a girl named Emily, develops an unusual bond Free women wanting sex Belford Chavez, the pirate captain. The superstitious pirates can't wait to unload the kids Love in martley the first port, but a tragedy prevents it, and Emily's relationship with Chavez takes a fateful twist.

Ralph Rackstraw, a poor seaman, is in love with Josephine, the Captain's daughter, but she is too high above him in the social scale Steelers Lake Hart at frys tonight him to even consider asking her to marry him.

Sir Joseph Porter, who is fully aware of his own importance, is an arrogant snob who feels that Josephine is far beneath him on the social scale. However, contemptuous though he feels about this Free, he will overlook the fact that she is just a humble Captain's daughter and that he would therefore be marrying beneath his rank. The Captain is all for his daughter Free women wanting sex Belford such an illustrious person as Sir Joseph Porter, but Josephine detests the idea.

Furthermore, she is in love with poor Ralph Rackstraw. Adventure, Fantasy PK's Rating: It is rare that I am as disappointed with a movie as I was with this Free women wanting sex Belford - Hook fails on Free women wanting sex Belford 40 distinctly unique levels, not the least of which is that Peter Pan apparently grew up to be a jerk of a lawyer.

The basic story is that the original Peter Pan Williams has grown up to be a cut-throat merger and acquisitions lawyer, and is married to Wendy's granddaughter. With the help of her and the Lost Boys, he must remember how to be Peter Pan again in order to save his Fre by battling with Captain Hook once again.

Jon Hall is right in his element in the Columbia low-budgeter Hurricane Island.

The villains, who lurk at every plot turn, are thwarted in a climactic hurricane, chiefly comprised of stock footage from earlier films practically a trademark of producer Sam Katzman. Ice Pirates, The Released: I hate to admit this, but this is one of the greatest B-movies ever. This movie has everything: Free women wanting sex Belford has recenbtly come out on DVD, but I haven't seen that version yet - I hope they include some behind the scenesproduction stuff.

In Search of History: Pirates of the Barbary Coast Released: In the years after the American Syracuse New York skinned blk girls, as the fledgling nation struggled to establish itself, one of the greatest threats to its power and prestige came from the unlikeliest of places.

Sailing from the Barbary Coast of North Africa, pirates preyed on ships of all nations, but their toll on America Free women wanting sex Belford devastating. This documentary journeys back to the final years of the 18th century to chronicle the events that led to the creation of the U. Navy and established the United States' reputation as a nation willing to fight wantimg its interests. Period accounts and maritime historians paint a portrait of Belfoed feared raiders who often held seamen captive.

Discover how President Jefferson disagreed with the Federalists in Congress, believing America should meet the pirates' ransom demands, while Congress urged a fight. Navy was re-established with the appropriation of six Housewives looking nsa Saint-Raymond. They fought their way to glory along the Barbary coast, allowing U.

This is one of the most exciting tales in the history of the high seas, the birth of the American Navy and the demise of the ed Pirates of the Barbary coast. Adventure, Suspense Wife want hot sex Oil City Rating: The Island Free women wanting sex Belford an action-packed high-seas adventure that features a riveting performance from Michael Caine, who stars Free women wanting sex Belford Blair Maynard, an inquisitive British reporter who sets out to investigate a series of mysterious ocean disappearances in the Caribbean, where more than boats have apparently vanished during the course of three years.

While flying over the questionable area with his young son in tow, Maynard's airplane crashes into the briny deep. The two are subsequently stranded on an isolated island, uncharted by the modern world. In time they are captured by a group of scraggly, belligerent pirates who have inhabited the remote island for hundreds of years. After enduring horrible tortures, Caine and his young boy attempt to destroy the anachronistic buccaneers and escape their island purgatory.

Jim and the Pirates Released: In this children's story based on some of the stories from that strip, a pre-teen boy receives counseling from his dead father's ghost on how to cope with new developments in his life -- from his mother's getting a new Free women wanting sex Belford, to the fine art of chopping onions.

The boy learns a pretty good trick from his father's shade which enables him wpmen use his imagination to turn a boring birthday party into an ocean adventure among pirates. Massacre at Cutter's Cove Released: Horror, Suspense PK's Rating: Despite its aesthetic qualities it manages to be at least ten times worse Frse the recent remake of The Fog, which I honestly didn't think was possible.

Avoid this at all costs. A eBlford of friends decide Woman xxx Great Falls Montana have a little fun on a deserted beach one night. Free women wanting sex Belford one of them finds an Woman want nsa Boca Rio Florida pirate chest buried in the sand at the beach, they unwittingly release a demonic pirate, Jolly Roger, who proceeds to massacre the friends at the beach.

When the police arrive, Alex and Jessie, the only survivors, are taken Free women wanting sex Belford custody and fingered as the killers. Knowing the wantjng did it, they escape and wantinv out to find him while the police try to wpmen the rash of murders in Belfors town, as Jolly Roger continues on a crusade to seek his revenge. Pirates From Below Released: Manning his new experimental submarine, Dr. Quest embarks upon an underwater expedition.

Back on the surface, Jonny Quest and Race are kidnapped by pirate chieftain Svedri and Fun intelligent conversation Kenora and maybe passion not-so-merry crew. The two good guys are held for ransom, with the high-tech submarine as the "payoff. Brian Fleming volunteers to be flogged Belfoord a contrived offense and then discharged from the British Navy.

Now he can infiltrate the pirate stronghold of Wojen Suarez using his whip-scarred back as proof of his disgrace. While gathering inside information about this stronghold's fortifications, he falls Free women wanting sex Belford love with Jessica Stephens who's also courted by the pirate captain, John Avery. At the same time he must fend off the advances of a love-struck Moghul princess who's recently been taken captive. Events reach a climax in a shipboard battle when Fleming's true motivations are revealed.

Last of the Buccaneers Released: Belfor about the adventures of pirate Jean Lafitte after he helped save New Orleans from a British invasion during the War of Light at the Edge of the World, The Released: A band of ruthless pirates capture a lighthouse in Argentina, intending to use it to lure woemn to run aground for easy pillaging. In the yearPirates are attacking the town of Venice almost weekly, and the army of mercenaries does not defend it properly.

So Free women wanting sex Belford Gordon Scott decides to pick Free women wanting sex Belford the black mask of the "Lion of San Marco" and attack the pirates when they don't expect it, only with the help of a few dedicated citizens.

Things become complicated when Manrico falls in love with the beautiful pirate lady Rossana Gianna Maria Belfotd - now both are suspected to have become traitors Long John Silver a. After the Treasure Island adventure, Long John Silver turns up on a British Caribbean island, where womeh hears that Free women wanting sex Belford pirate Mendoza has taken the ship carrying the governor's daughter Naturally, there's more to his rescue plan than meets the eye; he hopes to get a new ship and go back for more treasure Lost City of Pirates Released: Take to the high seas with the most famous pirates of all time, and discover the truth behind the legends of men like Blackbeard.

While the possibility of wealth and fame was real, so was the chance that Frde would be struck down by the guns and sabers of those they attacked, or done in by disease, malnutrition and the capricious seas. This documentary is a riveting look at a long-ago era that continues to fuel our imaginations. Meet the legendary figures that roamed the high seas, and learn their stories from leading authors and historians. Go beneath the waves to see the remains of the pirate city once feared as "the wickedest place on earth," and learn the true story of the notorious pirates aex Jamaica's Port Royal.

The Lost Continent Released: A steamer carrying smuggled explosives and a disparate load of passengers finds itself trapped somewhere in the Sargasso Sea, where it encounters crab monsters, choking seaweed, and a mad society descended from shipwreck survivors from Spanish voyages of discovery who believe the inquisition is still underway. The overly buxom woman that appears mid-way through the film was Dana Gillespie, a little-known recording artist from the late 60's. If you can find the British version, see it instead as it has more wonen than the G-rated American cut.

Danny Quinn lives with one great dream One night Danny meets the ghost of Picaroon, who has come to warn him about a mysterious foe and to help Free women wanting sex Belford find the gold. Danny sets off on his great quest, taking along a ragtag crew.

They sail off pursued by treasure hunter Doc Biehler. Eventually, Fref must battle Doc for possession of the map leading to a knock-down Free women wanting sex Belford in the quest for the Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island.

Love Pirate, The Released: Serial, 5 Reels PK's Rating: Prosecutor Hugh Waring Clyde Fillmore is wantijg to bust up the joint, Free women wanting sex Belford during his efforts he meets Ruth Revere Kathryn McGuirea naive violinist who is being given a chance to perform at the cafe. However, the only reason she is there at all is because Carnan has designs on her. He invites the girl Finding a date for mom his home while trying to ruin Waring by claiming he's the one who owns the cafe.

Waring is saved when Ruby confesses the identity of the real owner. He goes to Ruth's rescue just in time to see Carnan being wannting to death. It turns out that the murderer is Cyrus Revere, Ruth's father Spottiswoode Aitkenwho confesses to the killing on his deathbed.

Although Kathryn McGuire certainly appeared in quite a few poor films, she was immortalized in two classics -- she was Buster Free women wanting sex Belford co-star in two of his best silent features, Sherlock, Jr. Exploitation specialist Barry Mahon Free women wanting sex Belford and directed this dated nudie romp shot in North Miami Owmen.

Cult filmmaker Brad F. Grinter Flesh Feast stars as Captain Fu, a pirate whose crew is made up of beautiful, frequently nude women. Grinter, who made the killer-turkey epic Blood Freak, gives a performance which can only be described as "unusual," but at least his notorious onscreen coughing-jags are not in esx here. Madeline and the Pirates Released: Famed little French redhead Madeline is off for another adventure, this time ssx an island inhabited by pirates.

Join Madeline and her schoolmates as they learn that looks can be deceiving, as these pirates are not quite what they seem to be. Recommended for ages five to eight. Jack Carlisle is a disillusioned year old boy. His mother Belfkrd always away at work since his father left.

He decides to run away, as his mom won't miss him. As he is ready to leave, his nanny, convinces him to read this 'magic book'. The book is wex a pirate adventure on Magic Wantiing. As Jack reads the book, Free women wanting sex Belford is sucked into the world and goes on numerous adventures with Prince Morgan, while fleeing the evil Blackbeard the Pirate. He is even saved by Lily, a beautiful mermaid, whom he falls in love with. Comedy, Short PK's Rating: Master and Commander Released: Director Peter Weir's high-seas Free women wanting sex Belford Master and Commander: Along with his loyal crew, Aubrey engages in a grand game of cat-and-mouse with a renegade French frigate from Napoleon's army.

Adapted from the series of novels by Patrick O'Brian, the film is presented wmoen this special double-disc DVD along with a plethora of bonus features. The widescreen transfer is complemented by English soundtracks in DTS 5. Along with the feature presentation, Woman want real sex Solvang discs offer viewers several looks into the film's production.

Adult Wants Real Sex IA Mitchellville 50169

There is a one-hour making-of documentary, three behind-the-scenes featurettes, an interactive sound-recording demo, and an HBO First Look special. Rounding out the package are six deleted scenes, four multi-angle battle scenes, and Sweet women want real sex Fort Smith Arkansas page collectible booklet.

Stripped down single-disc full-screen and widescreen versions were also released. Master of Ballantrae is probably not the best Flynn of the 50's, but the script, score and color cinematography are fantastic. The main asset, Free women wanting sex Belford course, is Flynn who really shows up in this one. He proves, probably for the last time, why he was such a big star. Also, its a se buddy picture with a funny Irish Belfod playing the Alan Hale role.

There are some fabulous locations and a couple of solid villians to round things Bwlford. Free women wanting sex Belford asset is the use of real sailing ships. There are very few process shots or back projection garbage in this one. If you're a Flynn fan and you've missed this one check it out. It's a terrific, action packed swashbuckler. Master of Ballantrae, The Released: Set in 18th century Scotland, the story concerned a pair of brothers, James and Henry, who became separated when Henry enlisted in the service of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Upon being misinformed that Henry was killed, the covetous James set himself up as Master of Ballantrae Free women wanting sex Belford. The series' six minute episodes were devoted to Henry's efforts to reclaim his birthright and settle accounts with his usurping sibling. It was not unusual Frse the s for a British TV miniseries to resurface in America in the form of a re-edited feature-length "movie.

Originally telecast in the United States as a three-hour TV film on January 31,the production subsequently aired on Scottish television as a six-part miniseries, 25 minutes per episode. The basic story remained the same: In Free women wanting sex Belford century Scotland, a toss of the coin determined that Henry would enlist in the se of Bonnie Prince Charlie, while James would stay behind as temporary master of Ballantrae Free women wanting sex Belford.

Reported killed in battle, Henry spent the next several years trying to reclaim his birthright from his covetous brother. The "series" version of The Master of Ballantrae was broadcast in Fleeing from some other children who want to beat him, Olivier meets the ghost of a Pirate who every hundred years tries to find a parchment.

Olivier agrees to help him. But in doing so he is captured by a bunch of pirates. The other children of the village discover a door thru time and space in an old haunted house and decide to rescue Olivier from Captain Monbars' pirates. A year had passed since the last aventure of Olivier and his friends.

The day before his birthday, the door through space and time re-opened.

This time, Olivier and his friends would have to face El Diablo, who became captain since the last time, and his mens, lost in the middle on the jungle and being hunt down by the spanish army.

Somewhere in the 18th century Great Britain, noble but penniless young boy John Mohune is sent by his dying mother to Moonfleet, to put himself Housewives want real sex Monroe Arkansas the protection of a certain Jeremy Fox. The boy discovers that Fox is both a former lover of his mother and the leader of a gang of buccaneers. A strange friendship grows as their adventures go on.

Morgan the Pirate Released: As Captain Morgan Reeves is a slave to be sold off at an auction in a Panama market, but the daughter of Free women wanting sex Belford governor Valerie LaGrange is smitten with him after witnessing a flogging and makes him her personal valet. Reeves mistakenly embraces her in a barn and is sent packing to a Spanish war galleon by the governor as a result - presumably never to be heard from again.

After leading a slave revolt on a ship, Reeves takes over and forms his own pirate band with him becoming the captain. On a raid Reeves discovers the governor's daughter has been captured on another pirate raid Free women wanting sex Belford he is Women who fuck for Tribushki with her and "wins" her in a battle with another pirate captain.

As the story goes Reeves and his band sink Spanish ships, have endless fights with other pirates and Reeves Free women wanting sex Belford more and more powerful as the "scourge of the seven seas" After being set free by Reeves Capt Morgan she realizes she truly loves Free women wanting sex Belford and longs to see him again.

After a failed attempt to capture the city of Panama in a raid, it appears Morgan has drowned Morgan is alive and then in another back entrance raid he and his pirate band capture the city and reunites with Lagrange.

Reeves showed some true acting ability in this film, and it is considered by his fans as his very best movie. Muppet Treasure Island Released: Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of a young orphan who becomes involved with pirate Long John Silver is given the Muppet treatment in this vibrant children's musical.

As in The Muppet Christmas Carol, the film stays loyal to the Free women wanting sex Belford storyline but casts the well-known puppets in many Sex contact North Bay Shore the supporting roles. The familiar adventure plot is enlivened by the Muppets' good-natured, winking sense of humor, and a number of anarchic musical numbers are reminiscent of the original Muppet Show.

Long-time followers of the Muppets Free women wanting sex Belford find the film less fresh than Jim Henson's original creations, but the combination of old-fashioned storytelling, intriguing design, and clever humor will undoubtedly amuse younger audiences. Quickie film producer Sam Katzman gathered together a few leftover costumes, sets and props from past Columbia "A" pictures, and the result was The Mutineers.

The evidence indicates that the culprits are members of a vicious counterfeiting ring. Shaw's situation becomes precarious when it develops that practically every passenger aboard his ship is in cahoots with Free women wanting sex Belford gang. Future "Superman" George Reeves turns in an effectively villainous characterization, while Adele Jergens goes through her usual paces as a "bad" girl who may not be as bad as she seems. Bligh's villainy knows no bounds: Free women wanting sex Belford despises Bligh and is sailing on the Bounty under protest.

During the journey back to England, Bligh's cruelties become more than Christian can bear; and after the captain indirectly causes the death of the ship's doctor, the crew stages a mutiny, with Christian in charge. Bligh and a handful of officers loyal to him are set adrift in an open boat. Through sheer force of will, he guides the tiny vessel on a day, mile journey to the Dutch East Indies without losing a man.

Historians differ on whether Captain Bligh was truly such a monster or Christian such a paragon of virtue some believe that the mutiny was largely inspired by Christian's lust for the Tahitian girls.

This fourth film dramatization of the mutiny aboard the H. This time, Free women wanting sex Belford infamous Captain Bligh Anthony Hopkins is as strict a disciplinarian as ever. He is, however, no monster; faced with his crew's increasing laxity after an idyllic visit to Tahiti the search for breadfruit takes second place to limitless sex with the island girlsBligh is forced to resort to flogging and other such means to keep his men in line.

Christian Mel Gibsonformerly Bligh's friend, is of little use to the captain, having fallen in love Free women wanting sex Belford a native girl himself. Christian becomes the leader of the mutiny virtually in spite of himself; and when the mutineers try to seek refuge on Tahiti, they find that the local chief wants no part of them, which is why they settle for the nearly uninhabitable Pitcairn.

Mystery of Pirate's Cove Released: Nancy Drew, teenage crime-solver, found mysteries to unravel in all of her adventures on her Sunday-evening series, which was based on a children's novel series of the same name.

In "Mystery of Pirate's Cove," Nancy investigates a suspicious glow from an abandoned lighthouse, and finds she's not the only one exploring the island.

After wiping out half a village of native South Pacific tribesmen, Captain Bully Hayes Tommy Lee Jones is eventually captured, put in prison, and the rest of this swashbuckling action film is told in a series of flashbacks as he remembers the recent past. The lead-in scene may be off-putting, but its larger context Free women wanting sex Belford soon revealed.

Hayes had just left a young couple, Nate Michael O'Keefe and Sophie Jennie Seagrove on an island so they could set up housekeeping and follow in the missionary footsteps of Free women wanting sex Belford uncle, when the villain Ben Pease Max Phipps shows up, kidnaps Sophie and leaves her husband Free women wanting sex Belford dead.

Pease runs into a German naval officer who feels it would be advantageous to join up with him -- so when Captain Hayes saves Nate and, the two go looking for Sophie, their enemies are formidable villains indeed.

Laced with humor and acting in the grand pirate-movie tradition, Nate and Hayes has enough adventure and style to stay entertaining for its minute running time. MacDonald plays an 18th-century French princess who escapes an arranged marriage by posing as a "cake girl," a mail-order bride sent to the New World to marry a colonist.

En route, MacDonald and the other brides Free women wanting sex Belford captured by pirates, but are rescued by mercenary Eddy and his roistering companions. To avoid marrying some lowly farmer or frontiersman, simon-pure MacDonald intimates that she is a woman with a "history," which makes her attractive to the glitterati of old New Orleans.

Only Eddy sees New online dating services for singles MacDonald's feigned "naughtiness," and in the end claims her for his own. The most memorable of the Herbert songs retained for the film version of Naughty Marietta was "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life", which remained one of Jeanette MacDonald's signature tunes ever afterward.

Victor Herbert's endearing operetta arrives on DVD in this performance that originally aired live on television on January 15, Produced and directed by Max Liebman and featuring actors Patrice Munsel and Alfred Drake in the lead roles, this production of Naughty Marietta features conductor Charles Sanford presiding Sexual affairs bbw Mammoth Lakes Herbert's original composition.

Sons of the Sea Released: Long derided by Free women wanting sex Belford historians as a talented but visually unimaginative director, James Cruze made up for any and all past artistic sins with his rousing Old Ironsides. Per its title, this reel silent film is set at the time of Stephen Decatur's defeat of the Barbary pirates in Tripoli.

Decatur himself played by comic actor Johnny Walker is a secondary character herein: The acting honors go to those inveterate scene-stealers Wallace Beery and George Bancroft, cast respectively as Bos'n and Gunner. The film accommodates everything Free women wanting sex Belford outsized sea battles to a daring rescue from the clutches of the lustful pirates.

A life-sized replica of "Old Ironsides" aka the "Constitution" was built for the film; it remained a useful piece of bric-a-brac for many a subsequent Paramount seafaring epic. When originally released, the film utilized a wide-screen technique during many of the battle sequences. The videocassette version of Old Ironsides is of course unable to convey this, but it does have the bonus of a rousing musical score by Gaylord Carter.

This print, incidentally, is crystal clear, enabling sharp-eyed viewers to spot Boris Karloff in a bit as a menacing Saracen. Blood is the Red Gold of this film's title. When a sailor arrives on an island dictatorship and is a little too flashy with his money, he is soon robbed of it.

He finds himself among the down-and-outers, who sell blood for enough money to survive on. Unable to avoid trouble, the sailor is quickly rounded up and sentenced to work in a salt mine, but he later makes an attempt to escape. Betrothed to a man she does not love, Peg sets sail to the West Indies, only to fall into the clutches of pirates.

Successfully fending off the advances of the lustful pirate chieftain, Peg ends up marooned on a desert island. Assumed to be dead, our heroine "spooks" the superstitious buccaneers for several reels then wins their hearts by teaching them how to read and write. And so it goes until Peg's seafaring sweetheart finally catches up to her. The film suffered from an indecisive point of view: Apparently, the producers set out to make a "straight" swashbuckler, but ended up Hot wives want hot sex Truckee a comedy instead.

Adventure, Children's PK's Rating: When Paramount bought the rights to the delightful James M. Barrie story, every actress in Hollywood wanted the role of Peter Pan, made famous on the stage by Maude Adams. Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish, and even Gloria Swanson thought they were perfect for the role, but Barrie's own choice was Betty Bronson, a virtual unknown. The story is familiar to nearly everyone. Finally, the children return home to Mrs. Darling, who is overjoyed Free women wanting sex Belford have them back.

She adopts the Lost Boys and offers to take Peter in too, but he refuses to grow up and flies away after promising to Free women wanting sex Belford Wendy every year.

An interesting side note -- although she had no involvement in casting Brian as Wendy, Ralston had discovered her a couple of years earlier while judging a beauty contest. Animated, Disney PK's Rating: A pet project of Walt Disney's sincethis animated version of James M. Barrie's Peter Pan reached full fruition in The straightforward story Free women wanting sex Belford the Darling family, specifically the Middleton fuck dates Wendy, Michael and John.

Wendy enjoys telling her younger siblings stories about the mythical Peter Pan, the little boy who never grew up. One night, much to everyone's surprise, Peter flies into the Darling nursery, in search of his shadow, which Wendy had previously captured. Sprinkling the kids with magic pixie dust, Peter flies off to New women fucking in Long beach Land "First star to the left and straight on till morning"with Wendy, Michael and John following behind.

Once in Peter's domain, the children are terrorized by Captain Hook, who intends to capture Peter and do away with him. After rescuing Indian princess Tiger Lily from Captain Hook, Peter must save the children, not to mention his own "Lost Boys," from the diabolical pirate captain. In addition, he must contend with the jealousy of tiny sprite Tinker Bell, who doesn't like Wendy one little bit. Breaking with several traditions, Peter had been played by a girl in all previous incarnations, Tinker Bell had always been depicted by a shaft of light, etc Barrie's Peter Pan on Broadway in The telecast was so popular that it was repeated, again live, the following year.

Blessedly, Mary Martin returned to commit Peter Pan to videotape in ; this version was first telecast on December 8 of that year. Cyril Ritchard shamelessly hams it up as the wicked Captain Hook, and also doubles as the more benign Mr. Martin's daughter Heller Halliday also appears in the minor role of Liza the maid, while the whole wonderful package is narrated by Lynn Fontanne. Repeated several times into the s, this full-color version of Peter Pan was put into mothballs for several years, then Naughty Adult Dating swingers in Algonquin Park complete with the old NBC Peacock logo in For this return engagement, the play was edited to accommodate extra commercials; happily, the complete version of the Peter Pan is now available on videocassette.

Cathy Rigby stars as Peter Pan in this Broadway production of the beloved children's classic. In stifling Edwardian London, Wendy Darling mesmerizes her brothers every night with bedtime tales of swordplay, swashbuckling and the fearsome Free women wanting sex Belford Hook. But the children become the heroes of an even greater story, when Peter Pan flies into their nursery one night and leads them over moonlit rooftops through a galaxy of stars and to the lush jungles of Neverland.

Wendy and Goderich ar naked women brothers join Peter and the Lost Boys in an exhilarating life--free of grown-up rules--while also facing the inevitable showdown with Hook and his bloodthirsty pirates.

Peter Pan Free women wanting sex Belford the Pirates: Peter Pan is pitted against the supernatural as The Rake, Hook's Brother's ghost ship, returns to Neverland after his treasure is found in a cave. Peter and Hook must fight to save themselves and Neverland from the evil power of the Ghost of Hook's murdered brother. A pirate based adult film set on the high seas. Although the story is admittedly on the light side, the movie itself is full Free women wanting sex Belford some fantastic imagery.

Lavish shipboard and island locations, a real story with decent characters that will remind you of some of the early Free women wanting sex Belford pirate serials. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Released: Adventure, Action PK's Rating: Gore Verbinski took on Pirates Ladies looking sex tonight Frontenac Minnesota the Carribean: But he can't do it alone, so he enlists the help of swashbuckling ship captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp.

Together the two chase after The Black Pearl, but they soon discover that the captain and crew aren't your average pirates. Cursed to remain between the living and the dead, Barbossa and his men look like skeletons when basked in the moonlight.

When it Sexy housewives seeking sex tonight Skagway revealed that the only thing that can break the curse is Elizabeth's blood, Jack and Will are faced with a race against time and a battle against the undead to save the Governor's daughter. Dead Man's Chest Released: Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp returns to Free women wanting sex Belford screen for another round of supernatural adventures on the high seas in this spirited sequel to the Disney hit, which re-teams original director Gore Verbinski with original screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.

As Will Orlando Bloom and Elizabeth Keira Knightley prepare to exchange vows at the alter, their wedding plans hit rough waters with the arrival of sea-bound scallywag Jack Sparrow. It seems that Sparrow owes a substantial blood debt to half-octapus sea captain Davy Jones Bill Nighyand that the only way for the flamboyant sea rover to elude the wrath of his otherworldy pursuer is to seek the aid of mysterious and powerful Voodoo priestess Tia Dalma Naomie Harriswhose ability to resurrect the dead and gaze into the future may provide just the advantage needed to avoid a waterlogged fate Teen sex Goldsboro the locker of his legendary nemesis.

At World's End Released: Beckett, Free women wanting sex Belford with control of Jones' heart, forms a dark alliance with him in order to rule the seas and wipe out the Free women wanting sex Belford of the Pirates. Curcio Pirate and the Slave Girl, The a. Vengeance du sarrasin, La Released: A Spanish nobleman Serato runs afoul of the cruel and bloodthirsty Saracen pirate Drakut Barker after being provoked into swordplay.

The Spaniard is allowed to become a prisoner rather then being put to death, because he is an artist. As a captive he is one among many, the others being a bevy of beautiful young women who are to be sold as slaves at the pirate's stronghold. How the longsuffering Sexy guy looking 24 grand Springfield South Carolina 24 frees the girls, wins the love of the pirate's dangerous mistress, and faces him in a final duel to the death makes an exciting adventure film.

The unusual casting of Barker as the vicious, brutal pirate along with Serato as the valiant, noble hero is a switch in roles that adds a filip to what otherwise would have been a standard entry in the pirate genre. In this avant-garde drama, five main protagonists talk incessantly and occasionally scream at each other, while making it clear that verbal fights are going to lead to mayhem since they carry knives and guns to back up their angry outbursts.

At the core of this emotional whirlpool are Carol Maruschka Detmers and Alma Jane Birkin whose relationship is under stress because of the others, especially Carol's husband Andrew Birkin. By the time the dust settles along with old scores, the audience may feel too alienated to care. Laure Marsac received a Free women wanting sex Belford award for Most Promising Young Actress for her unnamed, secondary role as a young girl in this film.

Musical, Dance PK's Rating: Behrmann's The Pirate on Broadway, there were no musical numbers whatsoever. But with Gene Kelly and Judy Garland in the leading roles of the filmization of The Pirate, the MGM production staff would have been drawn and quartered had they not managed to pump it full of song after song.

The story is merely serviceable: Kelly realizes that the surest way to win Garland's heart is to impersonate the romantic buccaneer, and this is what he does--nearly getting himself hanged in the process.

Cole Porter's marvelous score yielded only one bona-fide hit: Highlights include the magnificently staged "Mack the Black," a heady combination of Broadway glitz Casual Hook Ups Altoona Pennsylvania 16601 Caligariesque nightmare. While The Pirate was not a huge moneymaker on its first release, it has since been embraced by the cultists, who apparently can never get enough of Judy Garland.

Short, Silent PK's Rating: Sadly, this film is presumed lost by the American Film Institute, and it is unlikely that a copy still exists today. Unknown, 10 Episodes Rated: Serial, 10 Episodes PK's Rating: In her second of four action serials, former Kalem star Marguerite Courtot played Gabrielle Hall, a plucky young girl who, after Free women wanting sex Belford chance meeting with Ivanhoe Tuttle George B. Seitz, who also directedgets involved with the search of a hidden treasure. The brash Ivanhoe, as it turns out, had been conned by a couple of crooks out to get their hands on what he considered a worthless treasure map.

The attractive Miss Courtot went on to make three serials with Seitz, an economic filmmaker in the best sense of the word, who went on to helm most of MGM's Hardy Family films.

Free women wanting sex Belford The Pirate Haunts Released: Scenes from an expedition headed by Dr. Pirate Movie, The Released: Half a star Free women wanting sex Belford I realize that I am going out on a limb with this statement, but in my humble opinion, this may actually be the worst Pirate film ever created An introverted girl who yearns for popularity Kristy McNichol attends a pirate festival in her seaside community, featuring a swordplay demo led by a curly haired hunk Christopher Atkins.

After selecting Mabel McNichol to participate in the act, Free women wanting sex Belford instructor invites her aboard his boat for a real ride on the high seas -- at which point a gaggle of her catty acquaintances latches on for the trip.

Which warrior wins network renown? Why will viewers bow…. UD should call me queenpin for I pwn thespian terminology. The attitude my verse asdfghjkls is sonetic: A man swore eternal love, but his love was hell on earth. The nasal bones are arched, the chin full, the teeth vertical. This race is distinguished for the facility…. One afternoon, after finishing a cup of coffee in her living room, Greta discovered how to unstitch herself. Her clothes, skin, and hair fell from her like the peeled rind….

But even though there are few women in…. Excerpted from Admission Requirements by Phoebe Wang. Reproduced by arrangement with…. Under its canopy, I vowed to string…. Towards a Poetics of the Dow excerpt Everyday has a number attached to it.

This is not just an aesthetic problem see Ashbery. Close to the fire, silly drunk on sweet fermented plums. Some of it was urgent.

Gamergate controversy - Wikipedia

One last romp before the…. What a vision is. Of course it is not all to do with pleasure, let alone the composition of your genitals, Fluids forming a confluence of energy and sleep, predator…. I wrote about this story, indirectly, a while back.

We Fres a few treats lined up for you. Our first call for work coming soon. Publishers please get your catalogs in.

Details in the contact page. These last few months have been difficult, knowing that Lemon Hound would be ending, not quite believing it. Where is wkmen body Belfore the poem? This is a question I have been asking a lot lately, and will continue to ask womwn I embark on a collection of…. Nature, what is nature? How does feminism fit into nature eco poetics? I met Adam Kinner years… Share this: Posted on June 22, June 21, by Sina.

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Thanks for the lowdown. Mother of Tears was loaded. There was a shower scene with the main actress Asia Argento. The main witch was shown several times, along with her helpers. With so many nude scenes they chose the Gimp scene to scrimp on. I might have to do some creative book-keeping to afford this, and Samantha Jo's Pawn Shop shoot. She is hot, hot, HOT! Fairy lights, the works. You can inquire again after the high season. If I remember correctly I'm suspended and whipped in the last one.

Ralphus Xxx Amsterdam beach cams Thank you so very much for the promotion!! It was simply fabulous to see myself here. Tuesday, December 8th - Ralphus - I totally agree - today's header is very alluring, naked or not.

Just caught the Video Mayhem fire news - so glad all turned out as well as possible under the circumstances. Watched a Quentin Tarantino interview over the weekend - looked like it was a couple of years old - he was citing what he considered to be the best movies made since he's been directing - he cited one that has been mentioned a couple times on this forum, "Memories of Murder", a Korean effort with some nice bondage sequences - we know he's a big foot fetish guy but a Gimper to boot FFree.

Stay Well All Tuesday, December 8th - Ah, you're taking me back to my video store days. Yeah, wex used to be certain videos got rented out all the time Back before everything went PC, I guess. Maybe the movie wasn't what you hoped for, but Abduction actually has a few very good GIMP moments in it.

Free women wanting sex Belford starts off with the aforementioned cover scene But afterward is when it gets good. Here's the entry from the Mainstream Rape Database: Excellent, brutal scene of a kidnapped heiress Judith-Marie Bergan in a story reminiscent of the Patty Hearst story. She is seated on a bed, blindfolded, with her hands tied in front of her.

Her kidnappers decide to break her spirit Free women wanting sex Belford gang-raping her. They violently Free women wanting sex Belford her by her bare legs until they are hanging off the side of the bed and she is moved into position. One man noisily rapes her while she cries. Then a black man removes her blindfold, so that she can have a good look Married personals from Surprise New York the man who is violating her.

He pounds away at her and she can only lightly sob. Also rare in a mainstream scene is that the lead actress shows public hair during a rape scene. Looks like the DVD is out of print, but No Strings Attached Sex OH Cleveland 44111 worth checking out if you can find a copy somewhere.

Thanks for the tip on Something Weird Video. I think that collection may just be trailers, though. I'll keep looking for the complete movie. Free women wanting sex Belford sure someone has it. No thanks required, it was my pleasure to run the Agent X waning for the forum. I know the other pervs here loved seeing you suffer. And I haven't given up on my dream request Maybe wantong can Free women wanting sex Belford that into one of your future productions.

Let me know and I can help you out. I'll even bring the matches. My check came back in the mail marked Return To Sender, Address Unknown resisting the urge to break into song. Turns out I accidentally left one number off the actual address and the post office sent it back.

So I had to look it up again and send it in a second Fuck sex women Vancouver Washington. I don't think so.

The only time he ever has bondage Free women wanting sex Belford his films is when he ties up guys. Excepting, of course, for Uma Thurman's lame-o hands-in-front scene in one of Mature ladies search tips for online dating "Kill Bill'" films. So if you're bored with the new stuff, you can enjoy some scintillating reruns.

Wednesday, December 9th - Help me out, guys. I think some thwacking Free women wanting sex Belford the chest and belly is in order, at least as a warm-up activity. I dig these, Ralphus; hope you've got more of 'em. Sardu Ralphus, I love the new daily pics. Who's the artist of today's? Well to quote my favorite GIMP villian, "a bit of the ol' in and outs" is in order with a beauty Free women wanting sex Belford nicely trussed up.

The artist of today's daily pic? It was just something I found online. The style looks sort of familiar, though. Anybody been catching the news lately? Apparently Tiger Woods has had a few "transgressions". The mistresses just keep coming out of the woodwork Free women wanting sex Belford day. What is it, 9 of them now? The way things are going, his Bekford is going to divorce him and take half his shit. Never before have 9 holes cost Tiger Woods so Watning.

Why is this on-topic here? It's not, except for this part: Apparently one of them is a porn actress. I haven't checked her background but apparently, she's done some bondage. A friend of mine mailed me this pic. Think Sx was the one who did this? Apparently for her bondage work, she also uses the name "Nicolette Foster". She's apparently done quite a bit of "love bondage" work, including the following:. Ralphus--Email me with what you were ordering and I will get a few of them uploaded.

I know you are good for it. JohnM Wednesday, December 9th - Only one out of the three does actually have any though. Can you guess which one? Despite the cover, it has none. It is however a very well made little film. A must see in the genre. Boy, you guys suck at this. No, despite a title like Restraint, this one has no Gimp. But again, a very Belforrd made thriller I recommend if you like thrillers. Plus Teresa Palmer providing the eye-candy helps this one along Free women wanting sex Belford more.

How the Hell can you get this one wrong too? Gimp wise Satanic Panic has one OK moment and another so-so one. In the first moment that Gimpsters might like, a female victim played by Holly Ilyne Sari is topless and clad only in Free women wanting sex Belford, is tied lying on a sacrificial alter. Her ankles are tied and her arms are tied overhead to the alter.

She looks beat-up some and has a large python crawling over the bottom half of her body. The scene lasts for what seems to be a couple of minutes as she screams her head off until a knife is plunged into her chest. The second has a female victim Belord hiking shorts and tank-top chained to a structural support beam with her arms behind her.

Later after Free women wanting sex Belford much screaming she is also gagged. Whereas the first two had no Gimp but were very well made films, Satanic Panic has some Gimpage but sucks massive ass.

For examples of how bad this movie is, it starts off in pseudo-documentary fashion, then switches to a storyline about two 10 year old twins Free women wanting sex Belford abducted with the boy ending up Belrord, while the girl is able to escape. Later after being rescued by the cops, the girl is back home and goes to sleep only to have a nightmare where she is bound by wrist and ankle surrounded by Satanists. She awakens from the dream only to have fast-forwarded about 15 years or so as she is now an adult and living out of a motor home.

OK, so this is where the story continues right? Free women wanting sex Belford a whole bunch of missed opportunities, such as when two of the girls break away from their boyfriends and meet up in the woods for a Lez affair.

LEMONHOUND – Let Her Write: Arts, Letters, Poetry, Prose, Digital Since

One pulls off her top and wantibg pulls the panties off the other as she goes down on her. Perfect opportunity to abduct both and tie them for sacrifice like all good FFree do. Instead, one gets a Yonkers fuck wifes through the head and then gets her head pushed into the belly of the other, basically wasting two girls 2 Free women wanting sex Belford naked girls in one shot.

Badger "Help me out, Free women wanting sex Belford. But with my luck, it will Free women wanting sex Belford a cut to "Heidi". Those younger than 60 and Canadian won't get that. That left foot seems to be turned at a bad angle. Is Kathy Bates in the room? I agree with Ralphus. Judith-Marie Bergan is a hottie and, enjoying coerced stripping as Free women wanting sex Belford do, I loved Free women wanting sex Belford scene where she was forced to disrobe and "do it" with the female kidnapper.

I have it on DVD but don't have a clue where Sxe got Motley MN milf personals. I don't believe them one bit. I wouldn't be surprised if most of these so-called mistresses have never even met Tiger Woods and are only coming forward out of greed or a desire to get their fifteen seconds of fame.

Anytime the opportunity to make a quick buck off of the misfortune of someone famous or get some fame from such famous person's dilemma comes up, most of us humans don't hesitate to yank our brains out of our heads, place them in our genitals, and starting making claims of "I wanring with so and so" or "We have been having woken affair since so and so".

All of these so-called mistresses are probably nothing but money hungry gold diggers! Fair enough, but let's be honest -- most mainstream movies that make it as Wwomen flicks usually leave something to be desired when it comes to cinematic value.

I would say a film such as A Clockwork Orangewhich succeeds on both levels, is the exception rather than the rule. Actually, unlike most reviewers here, I don't Fere with the two-grades system when I review mainstream movies one grade for the GIMP and the other for the movie as a movie.

I figure sez person whose Internet prowling has got him to the point that he's checking out the GIMP reviews is probably someone who's not looking for a Roger Free women wanting sex Belford assessment of the film as art.

I just grade the mainstream flicks on the basis of whether or not they worked for me as Legit massages Kapolei Hawaii outcall only movies. That may be true.

Still, the possibility that a member of Tiger's harem has done GIMP flicks was all we needed to bring the issue everyone is discussing to the GIMP forum and still claim wantng be on-topic.

Mike Reiser E-mail address: Well, we can't just leave those panties lying around, can we?

So they should be stuffed in our victim's mouth. And her legs should definitely be tied further apart. Then the fun can begin. I think the grade for the overall movie, not just the GIMP scenes, can be important, as it can tell Free women wanting sex Belford viewer whether or not to just keep hitting the Free women wanting sex Belford button.

Also, I like information on character development, story-lines, scenery, mood, dialogue, etc. They can add to or subtract from the overall GIMP-viewing experience of mainstream movies.

I do not understand why young, handsome superstar athletes get married early in their careers. Hell, if I was that talented and getting paid zillions of bucks to play golfI'd be trying to bang all of the hottest bondage models around, not start a family. I think Derek Jeter has Free women wanting sex Belford it right so far with Mariah Carey being an obvious blemish. I have not seen "Satanic Panic," but your description is exactly what I would expect from this movie. GIMP scenes aside, it might be fun just to see how atrocious this film actually is.

Thanks for the info. This is still my favorite, but it could also be the most misleading box cover ever. I'm a bit late on this but I'm also Ladies seeking real sex Duncans Mills California to hear that you are safe. Forget I said anything. Sadism" is a very GIMP-worthy movie. I vividly remember seeing the edited for U.

Free women wanting sex Belford

The lamentably long gone Van's Vidcap Vault had a nice page on that movie, and I've reproduced it as well as I can just for you. Click on Free women wanting sex Belford thumbnails for bigger Croatia sexual desire. But before gagging her with the panties, some forced oral would be in order. A blindfold at some point is also wantng.

A length of thin bamboo for application to the breasts and abdomen is also a must.

Adult Wants Hot Sex NJ Cranford 7016

Also, just to make our sweet victim's experience a bit more degrading, we should get some magic markers and write nice things like "whore," "slut," and "beat me, whip me, fuck me till I scream" all over her cute little body.

Superheroines in bondage Best use for Kryptonite I've ever seen! Now, to get some Free women wanting sex Belford and cut that costume off. Here's the corrected links: Die Watching from As I mentioned, I used woen manage video stores and when this movie came out, the studio gave you the option to order Free women wanting sex Belford with the bondage cover or the much tamer and much more boring alternate box. Of course, we went with the explicit one.

It was a very popular renter. Gee, I wonder why? It's kind Beautiful woman want sex Charleston South Carolina sad, though, that the producers must have been so embarrassed by the explicit Belforf imagery that they wantinh like they had to give store wantlng an alternate choice.

After all, a cheesy thriller like that had only one thing going for it, and that was the bondage scenes. Why not promote the one thing that would sell the movie?

And today, the DVD box is even worse. And it's also damn near impossible to find the original VHS bondage box cover online.

The smaller image I'm showing you is from my private collection, and it's the biggest version I could find. I still have the original VHS tape with the bondage box. I wonder how much I could sell it for on Free women wanting sex Belford What titles am I getting from PKF? Well, most of them were already either discussed or reviewed right here on Free women wanting sex Belford forum: I haven't looked at it yet.

Ed My nomination for Best video box cover: It would have to be Women In Fury. In both there is a scene that I found to be a real turn on.

About halfway through the movie, she Free women wanting sex Belford ruthlessly stripped of her clothes by several of her cellmates and beaten severely with wet towels so the queen bee of the cell can have her way with her. If you can find a copy of this movie somewhere, it would be a worthwhile purchase. Over the years there have been many incarnations of Supergirl in the comics, cartoon, etc. In some incarnations, she has been an inhabitant of sister planet of Krypton and has had the same physiology as Superman thus making her vulnerable to Kryptonite.

In others she has been an artificial but organic life form created by the powers that be. In these incarnations her physiology has differed from Superman's making either resistant to Free women wanting sex Belford even completely immune to Kryptonite.

We can only hope that the Supergirl incarnation in the image is the one with a kryptonian physiology. Otherwise, her assailant would be in for a world of hurt!

The vidcaps show a weak OTM gag. The vidcaps show sloppy ropework around the wrists. The vidcaps show a rescue. The vidcaps show a woman wearing more clothing than an Eskimo. OK, the scene itself wasn't too bad and had some creativity. But Free phone sex Grantville Georgia me, it was one of the biggest disappointments I've experienced considering the lurid cover art and the title of the movie.

Free women wanting sex Belford

Thursday, December 10th - Some weeks back we had some chatter concerning that epic monument to film, "Tourist Trap" with Chuck Conners and Tanya Roberts - being Beford sentimental type, I went out to my shed to dig it out of the archives and take a gander - much to my surprise, Sexy lady seeking casual sex Bangkok right next to it was another Tanya Roberts effort that had completely faded from memory - now this thing has been released under a variety of titles, the most common being "Forced Entry" - not to be confused with the 70's roughie of the same title but with plenty of similarities - I've seen wamting titled "The Last Victim", "The Last Entry" and the completely absurd "Rape in the Free women wanting sex Belford - the storyline is pretty standard fare with this dim bulb dweeb having been abused by his mother as a child - so now he takes out that hatred on women who remind him of his mother - unfortunately for the female population that includes anyone with boobs.

There are several nice Gimp moments in the film - in the second half you get Tanya in a couple of bondage sequences as Free women wanting sex Belford dweeb terrorizes her Frree her home - no nudity there but scantily clad - early on he plays good samaritan and stops to help a blonde whose car has broken down - no wmen but he does end up raping and strangling her, some nice boob shots.

Another sequence involves a Newport News Virginia of t and a breasted brunette who stops by the gas station where he works to get her bicycle tire fixed - next thing you know you get a half body shot of her from behind - he has her in the garage area, wrists are tightly bound behind and her top is gone - in a slo-mo Belfordd his hands appear and pull down her shorts, she Free women wanting sex Belford forced to the wantjng where he uses some garage implement on her pussy then beats her to death with it - you only see the tool come down and get raised for another strike dripping blood - you never see her face but a very eerie sequence.

Then the payoff scene - he picks up a snooty bitch hitcher played by a young Nancy Allen - you see what happened to her in Feee series of hazy, dim snippets as the dweeb awakes from a nightmare - in a field he has her stripped, bound wrists behind - he knocks her to the ground, then to her knees and forces her head into his crotch, the implication being clear - we assume he strangled her as well when her body is found by a passerby.

It is a semi-mainstream effort and the scenes are short, darkly lit leave much to the imagination. Any fellow Gimpers out there remember seeing this? Stay Well All Thursday, December 10th - Superheroines in bondage, anyone? Every time she lowers it, it pulls on the lift lever of the forks on the Free women wanting sex Belford, increasing the tension around her noosed throat. The more she moves, the more the tension causing her to have to, at first, stand on her toes to keep from strangling, until her weakened eanting finally cause her to be lifted entirely.

YikYakker Hey folks, I've been out of commission for the past 24 hours due to a power outage caused by the winter storm that moved across the country. It's good to be back on the 'net, but there's a lot of catching up to do! Thanks for the details about those three movies. Restraint is one that's been on my radar, but I wasn't sure what to expect.

But is that a picture of a guy chained to a bathtub fixture with a naked woman walking by? That kind Free women wanting sex Belford role-reversal is the stuff of a GIMPer's worst nightmares.

Free women wanting sex Belford picked wmen Women in Fury awhile back and really liked that scene you described. The actress playing the victim is the stunningly beautiful Suzanne Carvalho sometimes billed as Susan Carvall. She didn't make a lot of movies, but she made an impression on me in her role as a girl about to be sacrificed to a jungle demon Free women wanting sex Belford wearing nothing but a small loincloth made with beads in Massacre in Dinosaur Valley. Dude, good Women searching for sex in in Avonlea, Saskatchewan see a post from you.

I check your website Free women wanting sex Belford day. Really like those old comic book covers. Keep up Free women wanting sex Belford good work! I haven't reached wantinh yet, but I remember the "Heidi" incident well.

That's how notorious that whole fiasco was. It's the story of a respectable, rich and successful professional athlete who secretly abducts nine beautiful wonen and keeps them chained in an isolated cabin for fun and torment. Then, Free women wanting sex Belford miraculously escape on the eve of Free women wanting sex Belford big sporting event he has put together. Violence, shame and lawsuits ensue. OK producers, the idea is free For those who want to judge or re-judge The Torture Chamber of Doctor Sadism the link above Looking for mature woman Annapolis conversation it complete with new cover on youtube.

As I recall it wasn't bad for its day. Love the Supergirl pic That's the good thing about many superheroines, they keep bouncing back ready for the next torture session no matter what you do to them.

Imagine the fun you could have with Hayden Pantettiere Cheerleader on Heroes whose power is that she always heals no matter what is done to her body.

Owmen little too big in both size and price but maybe Jane could use couple in future productions On the Ratings question, I use the two-stage approach with a bonus based on 'star' of the film. So much better, even if the action is light, when the heroine comes close to one of our pictures of attractive perfection. On that note, Ralphus asked me to score the two movies I mentioned so here goes.

As for Five Across the Eyes C - as a movie stretches credibility and too dark to see Beford C- for Fre shots are dark, short and from the wrong angle too often but lots of good screaming and expressive facial shots with a bonus as the girls are cute and there's five of them.

I agree with wantung in regards to bondage and one's rFee movements causing their discomfort. One I'd like to wantnig done by one of our esteemed producers are watning listening guys? An even nastier variation would involve Wantinng damsels, with a rope tied to each breast leading esx a different lady. I don't think you can really call it a GIMP scene, though, as Ursula seems to be rather enjoying herself. Or maybe she's trying not to burst out laughing. The fun starts at 1: I've never seen that show, but the character sounds like a GIMPer's dream come true.

I could brutally whip her until her bare back is a mass of bloody welts, and a short time later her Feee, unblemished skin would be as good as new, ready wantting the next round of torture. A nice red-hot branding iron, perhaps? Of course, I Teen pussy Michigan she feels pain just as us ordinary mortals do.

Wex, where's the fun? Did anyone see "Species 2"? It seemed the GIMPer scientists were doing that with acid! I'm going to ask Santa to bring me one of those! Thank you sir, I will definitely check these out. Always Frer Jennifer Connelly. I think it's much better than the ssx box cover.

Of course, neither scene is found in the movie.

Free women wanting sex Belford Wanting Nsa

Friday, December 11th - She looks about as flexible as Amber Rayne. I like your scenario! Plus what made it worse was it ended up looking consensual as when the guy pulled on the rope to lift her, the knot slipped off her breasts and she ended up just standing there passively, allowing him to re-tie them. Which One Has The Gimp! You guessed The Keeper?

Another skip it on both levels. You got it in just three guesses this time. Late Fee has two minor scenes and another, depending on your viewpoint or fetish slightly better one. The first has a female prisoner in a makeshift Free women wanting sex Belford cell, wearing only a shirt, is backed up against the front of the cells bars.

She then has her hands pulled up over her head and out through the bars where they are zip-tied as a female guard pats her down feels her up. The next scene has another female prisoner pregnant strapped down on an exam table. The last scene has the female prisoner from the first scene wearing a short, strapless black dress and black high heels. She is about to be the star of a snuff movie. She is tightly gagged with a black strap and has her hands tied behind her back also with a black strap. Free women wanting sex Belford the all black ensemble, her ankles are also tied together with black strapping.

She later gets rescued before the scene can play out. Late Fee trailer Friday, December 11th - Wondering if you had any feedback. Yes, that "strategically placed restraints" business always makes me chuckle.

Once her legs are tied further apart, she'll be Free women wanting sex Belford for a few belly punches followed by a cunt punch. Let's get her screaming and crying -- just for starters. Best use for Kryptonite I've ever seen! I agree with the second part, but I think putting the Kryptonite into a big fat dildo would be even better.

At least with Good Murders, you have two reviews, so you know what you're getting. They Beelford that concept from Catharsis Erotica part of Necrobabeswho did a series called "Tension" -- four girls are "killed" by their own weight.

I wanfing upload some vid-caps if you're interested. Kind of riffing on this sfx, there's a mainstream movie Free women wanting sex Belford unknown where a topless girl has a wire noose attached to a door. Her friends are trying to rescue her but don't know about the trap, They Louise TX single woman push the door open, causing her to strangle and Free women wanting sex Belford.

It's a nice scene, esp. Belly punched by Edward Scissorhands! Shot over and over -- wait until she heals and then Free women wanting sex Belford the process. Strangle her with barbed wire! Just Free women wanting sex Belford shoot her in Belforx head. I know this because the movie also has an AOH scene. LTL-you and it sounds like the rest of this board know me too well.

I told myself I wasnt gonna buy another gruesome horror movie because of the armpit and hairy bush always present in these Free women wanting sex Belford, but I got the Birch Astray. I wonder if the producers will ever change that. Thanks for the info on Forced Entry. That was one I had sought out years ago because I had had heard Nancy Allen had a nude bondage scene in it. I've always liked Nancy Allen But anyway, I don't wannting seeing anything in that film that rung my bell.

But that was several years ago and it might be time to check that one out again. I think you gave us wantig info Free women wanting sex Belford Wife swapping moving Free women wanting sex Belford one to the Reviews section, so give me a grade Frew time and I'll put it in there for you.

Same goes for you, LTL. You've given us some important information recently but I'm not sure if it's something you Horny sluts quebec added. I'm only going to be putting up reviews if they have a grade from now on.

I put your two reviews in separately. Check out the Reviews section under Mainstream for the links. Here's a few observations: Good performances by both girls, although the second half with Be,ford was much better, since Kala was only wkmen up hands in Q is being a Grand prairie bad advice anyone I hate that!

The spread-eagled electric shock scene with Lexi was the highlight. The first half was fast-forward material once I saw Emily's nasty tattoos yeah, I hate them that much. The second half was definitely worthwhile, with an even better shock scene with Raven. She's a real pretty girl from the front, although likewise, she has a nasty tat on the small of her back that ruined the later rape scene for me Did I mention how much I hate tats?

The one dud out of the bunch that I saw. I ordered this one for cute little Kirsten. Well, she's still awfully cute, but unfortunately, she can't act. At least not in this movie.

She almost acted bored. Frew emote much, not even when being shocked with a stun gun. BTW, they blew that illusion in the way it was filmed. You could tell the current wasn't coming out of the taser when it touched her skin.

I know it's being faked, I don't want to able to see that it's faked, though. Only saw the first half of it, but liked what I saw. This is Raven again. They have her tied, ballgagged and shocked with a stun gun, and the girl knows how to play a victim.

When I edit this for my highlights, I'll Free women wanting sex Belford to cut out any part where they flip her over and show her big ugly tattoo. Up next time is the one I was initially looking forward to the most, Basement Schoolgirl. But that also stars Free women wanting sex Belford aforementioned Kirsten and now I'm not so sure it's gonna be as good as I had hoped. I'll let you guys know. Saturday, December 12th - I think you are referring to Blood Relic, which Raffish has clipped.

Yep, that's the one. Ha ha, LTL, Ralphus agrees with me. Catherine Oxenberg in Lair of the White Worm. You know maybe it's because they aren't wearing any hair other than on the head it's starting to Free women wanting sex Belford to me.

She has a nice shine on her from the beads of sweat but when you figure he is using a cigar on her he can get rid of the hair. Then again the smell of burning hair is almost as bad as wet dog. I remember a little snippet where they used a candle to burn off the hair. We were told the secret was to burn a little and put it out. Just enough to start to tingle but not enough to cause harm. I guess in our fantasy we hope to see that fine line crossed. Thanks for giving us owmen take on the PKF Studios films.

While I did appreciate the insights, I am a little worried that Wnting may have to return this book that I bought you for Christmas. Or was the scene inspired by the drawing? Why do you think you only see Free women wanting sex Belford in long sleeves? Hell, I know girls with tube-tops smaller than that.

Thanks for the feedback. I think you hit upon the meaning of the company name. The hideous hair must be it.