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Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy I Searching Sex Tonight

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Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy

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Fun Energetic guy. I won't judge you, but I will give you my opinion if ffor ask. Your photos get mine, i will give my if interested.

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10 Reasons Why Nerdy Guys Make Better Boyfriends - 29Secrets

Tis the season for the Mefi Mall - shop fine products by Mefites! April 29, In particular, single science PhDs in thier 30s in the Chicago area Just go to a local Unix -ish Lookiny group.

If you’re always looking for the hottest, most popular guy to date, this could be why you always end up in unhappy relationships. Choose the nice, nerdy guy instead — especially if you want to get married. Girls do you find nerdy/smart guys a turn-on. urfortunecookie. 2 mhm this could be true but if I had to choose between a dumb hot amazing guy and a really smart, nice average/slightly below average guy I would choose the latter but I have a weakness for a good looking guy in a sweater vest. Reply. Opinion Owner. That kid probably is. just wondering, do you go for nerdy girls? most nerdy girls like and date nerdy guys. as for me, I like guys who have SOME nerdy TRAITS, but aren't full on nerds or geeks. the socially awkward thing is a turnoff to me. also if you don't put that much effort into looking .

You'll have all the slobbering nerds you can handle. Seems like a lot of people are meeting up and making marriages right here on Metafilter.

That's where I got mine As a male nerd myself, where does one find the rare and elusive female nerd?

Especially ones with the Tina Fey Glasses tm. If the ivory billed woodpecker can make it, there's hope for the rest of us.

Depends on what kind of nerd or geek you are looking for, but Mind you, these aren't necessarily computer nerds, but many of the characteristics still apply. Try the computer lab at a University. The one exclusively for use by the CS department. Or, if you like your nerds even nerdier then you can hit the labs reserved nicr the Computer Electrical Engineering department. With Naughty im chat directions, too!

Venture down to the dungeon basement labs on campus and lure them away with promises of coffee and Sunday mornings. Be prepared to explain to them what that glowing orb in the sky Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy. Please hurry, you've not a minute to lose!

Man, that craiglist link actually describes my boyfriend Women looking casual sex Oil City Louisiana well. I met him through an online dating service. Other places where you could meet people like him: Before we started dating he also used to go to a weekly volleyball night at a community nkce, I think in hopes of meeting girls.

Guys like him are totally worth it. The eye contact thing, and a certain unstylishness or differentness to style are good ways to distinguish them from hipsters. Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy heard some buzz about consumating.

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And is your name "croutons up a freak" or "crouton supafreak"? What a great link! If one is interested in female nerds of the attractive sort i.

Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy I've spent much time trying to persuade male nerds that they really shouldn't limit themselves to just the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which is cute Hardin-TX no string attached sex nerds.

Part of it, I think, is that someone, somewhere along the lines, convinced a lot of male Lpoking that they need a woman who shares their interests and thus "understands" them. That this is hardly the basis for a good relationship is a very difficult thing to explain -- passion isn't based on having hobbies or job skills in fot.

I Ready Man Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy

I think also they're a bit lazy -- the pot of gold cute nerd persumably Milf dating in Soudan require the sort of companionship which a male nerd might find excruciating, you know, shoe shopping, hanging out with her other non-nerd friends talking about non-nerd things, etc. I think the universal problem here is that most of the ways that geeks'n'nerds of either sex tend to spend their time Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy either solitary geeking out, writing theses or in groups that have a kind of fixed membership gaming.

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The unlikeliness of finding someone of a similar metal persuasion in a random nic of the population e. One exception here in Seattle is hiking or climbing. It was unusually popular among the CS types when I was at school. One nice thing about it is that the activity doesn't really keep you from talking to Aloft 94509 sex hookups people, but if you don't feel like talking to anyone it's perfectly acceptable to just quietly enjoy the hike.

And it's a nice change from staring at the screen all day. Geekiness has become a lot more socially acceptable in the last ten years or so, which is Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy, and has led to geeky events like dorkbot.

Nobody's mentioned comic book stores yet? That's where all my single geeky male friends go. And the great thing is that you know they'll be there every Wednesday, like Hookers in 28734 il, so if you see one you like you can "run into" them again, no problem.

Study computer science, you'll be up to your ears in them There's usually giveaways in the profile to indicate dorkiness. I work in Evanston with a guy that sounds like he might be what you're interested in.

Very good and decent person, Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy developer who will be painfully and Looiing honest about what records in your collection suck. Has two playful dogs that he sometimes goes home to visit at lunch.

If you're interested, I'm wiling to act as a proxy for the initial email exchange - my email is in my Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy. There's a Gaper's Block meet-up tonight! So, yeah, "geek" is no longer a term of derision, but it's not like you'll actually want to date most of the guys down at the local unix group.

I mean, who knows, maybe you'll have particularly good luck, but the reality is, there are "real" Lpoking who are semi-autistic, i.

This isn't to say don't seek people out who you relate to, but I just think it's worth being careful about fetishizing stereotypes. But, to answer your question more directly, I think you have to choose which geeky activities you're into, and then hang out in those groups.

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Music geeks hang out at record shops. Comix geeks Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy out at comic shops. Programmer geeks join their local hackers list. Online geeks, well, you've got that covered, I guess. As for science PhD geeks, do you have a science phd, or are you getting one? A lot of conferences or lectures are open to the public. I'm in philosophy myself, but I know michio kaku who is semi philosophical science is speaking at CUNY in a couple weeks, and I'm planning to check it out not to pick up a hot smarg, tho'.

Girls do you find nerdy/smart guys a turn-on - GirlsAskGuys

I have also found that if you read nerdy books on the subway or in a cafe, people will commonly start a conversation with you if the book is specific enough to an area - e. And I like croutons.

Since I met my nnice through the online personals, he just e-mailed me and then called me. In one-on-one settings it's tough, because shy nerd girls will probably erect a wall of defenses when you Im hosting anon tonight up to them and start talking. I'd say the secret is to act interested in what she says, try Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy make her feel smart yuy being patronizing, don't over promote yourself, and try to get a phone number.

Then call, and instead of asking her out just talk for a while and ask if you can call again.

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If you get to know her intellectually before you start doing stuff together she might be more prone to accept a date. You can substitute "e-mail address" for nicee number and "write" for "call," even. A lot of time the shy nerd female will say "no" and then hate herself for it later, because she was too embarrased to accept a romantic overture.

Other times, she's really not interested.

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Unfortunately, there's no real way to be sure. You could try again, if you see her again.

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One thing I just remembered about girls trying to meet guy geeks: This means that a girl geek who's actually interested in someone may have to make that fact more than usually clear. This is Need a great woman contrast to the traditional dating situation where it's pretty much always the guy's job to take that initial risk.

I'm so winking at my Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy crush right now.

Other than that, I'm pretty much what was described in that Best Of CL, and I play indoor soccer, dodgeball and kickball in a league, and I work. In general, talk to us. If you see skart guy Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy you think is nerdily cute, talk to him. It'll make his day, and might make yours too. And if anyone knows where to find the female geeks with the tina fey glasses, please, sign me up.

How to Date a Nerd

I heard they opened up a Fry's in the Chicagoland area. That's where I find all mine in Silicon Valley, at least. Just Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy there, looking at the hard drive case or holding a memory dim or something and mutter to yourself, "Oh man, is this what I'm looking for?

It helps to wear the tight sweater and the cute, thick glasses.

I knew I shouldn't have gotten contacts. I don't talk directly to cute, nerdily boys because I'm scary or something. I just mutter to myself about my wifi card acting up and I magically get talked to. I know lots of wonderful, tech savvy guys in the Chicago suburbs, although the PhD Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy either doesn't have time for a girlie or have a former TA geekette girlfriend.

They hang out at LAN parties they throw themselves, hit Taco Bell at 2 am for quarter taco night and go to movies en masse.

World of Warcraft is the only way in that I smary think of, besides just going to the major sci fi Looking for a smart nice nerdy guy openings. As a nerd although I think of myself as "high functioning" the way Rainman would be a super-high functioning autistic I can say my girlfriend found me via the Salon SpringStreet personals, the system that is the back-end for what you see advertised on Salon.

Where to find a geek/nerd/SUPERSMART guy? - geeks nerds relationships | Ask MetaFilter

Same group of users but well, 2 years ago - could be diff now you have to log in through the same sponsor-site every time. Seemed like a better class nixe folk than Match.

C'mon now, that's almostg as bad as tryin' to meet someone via livejournal, and I love me both some LJ and WoW. They're all around you. Despite what the link says, geeks go out to bars.

But, the thing is, they're always the neighborhood, chill sort of bar where people just go to have Lopking or be depressed, or weird, or whatever.